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After a successful year of active and mandatory faculty participation and important outcomes for 2014-15, the model for committee

participation changed in our second year of implementation. We anticipate an annual review of the committee structure based on redefined

needs and actual progress from year to year. Specific faculty and staff actively participate in relation to their existing roles and on-going

responsibilities at the College.

While full committees meet once a month, there are several sub-committees that work on specific tasks between the meetings. The

Leadership and Academic Teams dedicate one meeting every month to a progress review, and invite sub-committee chairs to provide progress

reports. The Leadership Team monitors overlapping initiatives across the eight Directions, and manages collaboration, duplication, and

reorganization to maximize time and other resources.

Over the fall and winter terms, the College kept the Board of Governors well-apprised of activities and initiatives through presentations by

representatives of the committees for Directions 1,2, and 3. Additional presentations will take place in the spring term.

Committeeworkwill involve:


• Review committee proposals

• Create activity teams

• Approve and set annual priorities

• Set timelines for implementation

• Allocate financial and other resources

• Monitor progress and evaluate success

• Narrowing the focus on each Direction

• Brainstorming and discussing needs

• Research

• Examining options and potential


• Preparing proposals for review by the

Leadership and Academic Teams

• Monitoring progress by providing updates and

summaries of all activities during the year and

presenting accomplishments at the end of the year