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Direction 1

personalized authentic learning

strategies for 2015-16

• Develop a progressive approach to assessing student learning, student engagement and

recognition of achievement

• Review our approach to the delivery of learning to enable more flexibility and

customization (e.g. timetable, scheduling, technology resources)

• Develop alternate pathways for students to support their unique talents, challenges

and opportunities

activities for 2015-16

• Implemented changes in assessment processes, reporting documentation and

communications in all four schools; the aim is to enhance student-centred learning and

parent communications

• Completed parent and faculty surveys and provided constructive feedback to inform

changes to assessment and reporting

• Defined inquiry and project based learning (PBL) as priority areas for professional

development in support of personalized authentic learning

• Faculty and students provided feedback to create definitions and infographics to build

the framework for inquiry and PBL; faculty will attend international conferences in

March and July for specific training

• A sub-committee addressing cooperative credits implemented two pilot projects with

Senior School students; two faculty completed the AQ course in cooperative learning

• The timetable/scheduling sub-committee is researching options through meetings with

CAIS schools

• Continued development of the new learning management pilot project, MyHSC. MyHSC

creates targeted content for students and parents that allows for easy tracking of personal

timetable, workload, and course material

Visit the Site Project Based Learning is a teachingmethod in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. The Helm supports creativity and critical thinking skills.

Above (L-R): NewReport Cards in the Junior School; Screenshot of new learning management system, MyHSC.

Junior School Report - March 2016





0057 - Ms. Kristen Solowey

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Term1 (T1):September 10, 2015 to November 11, 2015.

Term2 (T2):November12, 2015 to February 28, 2016.

Term3 (T3):

T1 T2 T3

Megan has had a successfulWinterTerm.She is an energetic young girl,who delights in

acquiring new information.She continues to demonstrate an enthusiastic attitude towards our

daily activities, theme-related studies, and spirit day events.Megan follows the classroom

routines and expectationsmost often.She delights in helping her peers and understands her

responsibilities as a student.Agoal forMegan is to ensure that she is focused onmaking

positive choices, rather than be concernedwithwhat her peers are doing.She is an avid

participant during group time, volunteering her ideas often.She is reminded to raise her hand

in order to demonstrate patience and respect for her classmates.Megan is able to respond to

questionswith good accuracy and is a good listener, oftenmakingmeaningful connections to

the contributions of her classmates.She is anxious to please, needing reminders at times to

concentrate on completing her ownwork insteadofworrying about others.She has continued

to build friendships over the term, and delights in class and recess timewith her peers.She

has demonstrated some growth in her ability tohandle conflicts and ismaking an effort to

avoid tearswhen a situation doesn’t go herway.She is encouraged to explore different

friendships and ensure that she is including others during play opportunities.Megan is

encouraged to continue to use herwords in akind tonewhen disagreements arise.Adelight

to teach,Megan is a hardworking studentwith a good attitude towards school.






Megan Elizabeth Elton





•Actively participates

•Demonstrates enthusiasm and optimism

•Approaches new situationswith confidence, engagement and passion

• Is aware of and thankful for opportunities



•Continues towork evenwhen facedwith challenges, stress and/or adversity

•Tries hard despite setbacks

•Stays committed to his/her goals

Self-Control - Interpersonal


•Responds appropriately to feedback

•Demonstrates courtesy and compassion towards adults and peers

•Takes responsibility for his/her actions

•Workswell in a group

•Recognizes and shows appreciation for others

Self-Control -SchoolWork


•Actively listens

•Stays on task

•Comes to class prepared

•Follows directions



•Eager to explore new ideas

•Comes upwith and engages in innovativeways of thinking and doing

•Pursues opportunities for independent learning

•Asks and answers questions to deepen understanding



Needs more time and experience to develop skill

Demonstrates skill some of the time

Demonstrates skillmost of the time

Consistentlydemonstrates skill

Skill not yet introduced or assessed






The following code indicates the student's current age and stage:

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